Next Generation DELs

Value Proposition

A DNA-encoded library (DEL) of hundreds of millions of molecules can be rapidly synthesized, and can be subsequently screened in a single experiment. This makes it the fastest and most economical approach to hit identification aside from virtual screening. Not surprisingly, DEL technology is widely used in drug discovery as a method for hit identification.

However, only a few reactions are compatible with natural DNA used by all our competitors. Therefore, their DELs mainly consist of compounds with structural features and physicochemical properties unfavourable for drug discovery. Converting such molecules into tractable lead structures is time and resource-consuming, and bears a high risk of failure.

SERENGEN was founded in June 2019 based on a novel encoding strategy (ceDEC) that allows the use of a variety of reactions in the presence of DNA. For the first time, drug-like DELs can be synthesised, which deliver hits that can be incorporated directly into the drug discovery process to save costs and time. The risk of early failure is significantly reduced compared to the hitherto existing DEL hits. CeDEC allows all advantages inherent to the DEL technology to fully unfold and accelerate hit identification and lead generation. 


Business Strategy

Being able to offer truly drug-like DELs gives SERENGEN a competitive edge and positions it to capture rapidly a major share of the DEL service market. A market, into which most potential clients have not yet entered and thus will grow substantially in coming years. We are convinced that the high quality of our DELs will further accelerate market growth.

SERENGEN will also utilize its unique technology to generate proprietary hit and lead structures in collaboration with its founders.


Investment Opportunity

SERENGEN is currently raising money to finance the scaling of the ceDEC technology and the assembly of a high quality drug-like DEL screening deck. The funds will also be allocated to the establishment of a selection screening process. SERENGEN offers an attractive investment prospect through potential IPO or company acquisition combined with possible out-licensing, sale or partnering of future molecular assets.

Founding Team

  • Dr. Andreas Brunschweiger
  • Lead Discovery Center
  • Taros Holding
  • Dr. Thorsten Genski
  • Dr.  Alexander Piechot 

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